Booking Services


It never occurred to me to become a booking agent and I still don't think of myself as one.  However, I frequently book top-shelf musicians for some of the more elegant events in the New York metropolitan area.

It started this way:  Often when I was unavailable for a particular engagement, clients would ask me to send in another pianist, or singer-pianist, or jazz trio/quartet, or dance band.  Having a great pool of talent to choose from among my friends and colleagues in the musical community, contacts built over many years, it was no problem for me to satisfy these requests.

Then clients started asking me to send in other types of musical acts as well.  And it all worked out perfectly!
I have provided the following very successfully for corporate and private events, and am always pleased to offer the services of my fellow musicians:

Classical String Quartet (or Trio)
Strolling Violin
Flute in combination with Harp or Strings
Classical Piano
Guitar (jazz or classical)
Vocalists (wide variety)
Vocal Ensembles (jazz, pop, or classical)
Specialty Acts
Various Combinations

Contact us.  My assistant Xuan (who is also my wife!) and I will work with you to determine the ideal musical compliment to your event, booking musicians from among the best talent pool on earth:  the New York musical community, and at prices much lower than larger offices.

And of course, if you desire a pianist, with or without vocals, a small jazz ensemble, or a dance band, those are all requests that I'm happy to fulfill with a personal appearance!

Here are some of the performers I can book for you!


Gary Ciuci- Guitarist/Vocalist

Gary is a master blues/R & B artist. He has performed with the Chambers Brothers at Lincoln center as well as various other venues, has also toured with extensively with Wilson Pickett, and has appeared in various contexts all over the US and Europe.

Gary is my go-to performer for everything danceable.  Whether we go out together as a quartet or an eight-piece orchestra, I sing the Sinatra tunes and Gary sings the classic rock, Motown, and yes- disco- and we keep ‘em on the dance floor all night!


Joy Plaisted- Harpist

Joy and I met when we were both working steady jobs at the St. Regis Hotel in New York.  I have booked her for private parties at the 21 Club, the Harmonie Club and various locations where she has always been enthusiastically received.


Sandra Billingslea- Violinist

Sandra has been a member of pit orchestras for several Broadway shows in a long and distinguished career, and has appeared in orchestras backing numerous name acts, for live performances and recordings.  She is my go-to person for everything with strings.  Whether as a solo performer, leader of string trio or quartet, duo with flute or other, Sandra always delivers elegance.