In Palestine

Music by Rich Siegel
Lyric by Dave Lippman and Rich Siegel
Copyright 2009, all rights reserved
Way to Peace Music Publishing, ASCAP

You tell me all peoples need land of their own
All the others have theirs, why not leave us alone?
We bought it, we brought it to bloom in the sun
It’s ours- always was

We won’t let them take back our homes and our trees
We won’t have them driving us into the seas
That’s why we are forcing them down on their knees
(pause) But the children are dying in Palestine

You tell me of centuries caught in despair
Pogroms, persecutions, and final solutions
The need of a homeland, safety for Jews
I hear you

You tell me of hatred, of fear and attack
Of enemies everywhere, we must fight back
The border town’s under the gun-
(pause) But a hundred to one, the children are dying in Palestine

You say
There can never be peace
’til their outrages cease
Of course, they say the same

You say it’s not true that we forced them to leave
That Jews would do that you just cannot believe
The Arabs are treacherous, born to deceive
The hate us

Well, it’s true we’ve been hated, but when we arrive
And take over their country in the name of our surviv-al
Is it any wonder that peace cannot thrive
While the children are dying in Palestine?

Instrumental break

I’m told
Every state has its Jews
Even Jews have their Jews
They’ve been there all along

You say we must search for some moderate way
We must find a middle ground to save the day
We shouldn’t have settlements, they shouldn’t prey on our nation

But where is the middle and where the extremes?
We’ve settled their farmlands and stolen their streams
Our generous offers are not what they seem
And the children are dying in Palestine

We’re trapped in this horror, it won’t go away.
We’ve conquered, but conquering won’t win the day
We inspire their hatred, we watch in dismay
It’s madness

Suppose we did take their land, planned it all along
Can we look at ourselves and admit we’ve done wrong
Can we all live together, can we all belong
Can we stop all this killing in Palestine?

Please God no more children dying in Palestine

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