Chuck Dauphin, Music News Nashville

Written by Chuck Duaphin
May 16, 2012

“If you look at his web site, Rich Siegel’s talents are listed as a Pianist, a Vocalist, A Musical Director, a Composer, and a Lyricist, among others. He is definitely a man of many talents, and handles each in an impeccable manner.
But, above all that, Rich Siegel is a man who is trying to make a difference. This package is full of twelve songs that are designed to make the world – and those who inhabit it – a better place.

Starting off with the piano jazz of “This Moment,” Siegel impresses from the start with his warm and inviting vocal approach. The lyrics are just as strong, as well. Ditto that for the very impressive “The Way To Peace.” You can tell that this is a man whose passion is wrapped around making each line of this song a reality.

While the title cut and the sweetly-written “How Do We Teach The Children” are the highlights here, the album is chock full of lessons about getting along with each other and the hope that one day, peace can be a reality. A very great lesson for us all!”

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